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At your initial visit you will be asked to fill out a confidential health history form. It is important to realize that instant relief from pain is not always possible.  When receiving therapeutic bodywork it is important to realize that physical pain often has been accumulating over quite some time, healing also takes time. The problem area will not necessarily be worked on first. Often the area with the most pain may not be the origin of the problem. The approach is in balancing the systematic functions of the entire body progressively.

Effort, patience and persistence are required to recover from injury or illness and to reposition the body into good health especially with chronic conditions. Full Body Balancing is a valuable addition to proper nutrition, exercise, healthy relationships and mindful work in achieving and maintaining balance in our lives.

During your  session you will be draped appropriately. There are areas of the body that will not be img_3231touched, including the breast, genitals, and the anus. If there are certain areas you prefer left untouched such as the buttocks, inner thighs and abdomen, simply communicate this at any time before, or during your treatment. You will be encouraged to verbally communicate and to breathe. After the session your therapist will leave the room allowing you time to relax, dress and bring yourself into awareness. When you emerge you may choose to talk about the session and schedule another appointment. In general, depending on the condition, one to three sessions approximately seven to ten days apart will usually yield the desired results.

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