The Benefits of Hara Hara Massage

With your stomach at the center of your body, it is integral that this part of your body stays healthy. If your core’s not healthy, naturally the rest of your body won’t function at its best. Thankfully, Seattle is a town where natural health is encouraged, and unique methods of massage that focus on this area are accessible.

Hara Hara massage is an ancient abdominal massage technique with Japanese origins.
Our abdominal center, or “Hara”, is the home of our organs and is quite literally our physical and energetic core. Organs will function better when hara tension and pressure build-up is relieved.

Children are naturally connected with their haras. Their bellies are relaxed and their breath is deep. They embrace an abundance of vitality, spontaneity and curiosity. As we move into adulthood, we learn to distance ourselves from the lower body, and instead privilege and develop the mind. Westerners tend to be rigid and tense in the upper body and empty in the lower body, resulting in an imbalance. In the Asian view, the lower abdomen acts as a fiery cauldron that cooks up the energy needed to open and liberate the rest of the body.

Hara Hara massage will help one feel a connection to their core, accept things as they are and maintain a balanced sense of proportion. You will be ready for whatever comes your way.

It is no coincidence that Buddha statues typically represent a soft, relaxed belly. The Buddha image represents the achievement of what is possible for everyone — to be awake, in the moment, and grounded.

The list of benefits of Hara Hara massage is long, but here’s a snippet:

1. Improve digestion

Hara Hara massage will help to improve digestion, as well as detox and improve circulation in and around your internal organs. Tension has the tendency to accumulate in the abdominal region, and hara massage helps to release that. It’s supposed to be good for general wellness as well.

2. Help with infertility

Hara massage is frequently used to help treat infertility in both men and women. For one, it can help improve a man’s virility, or influence his sexual drive.

3. Reduce anxiety and nervousness

Pulling focus away from the brain and into the abdominal area relieves stress in a very natural way.

4. Relieve breathing difficulties

Deep, natural breathing is encouraged and maintained throughout the massage. This encouragement and awareness promotes a relaxation that often will help you breathe in a steady, calm manner.

5. Promotes living ‘in the moment’

Finding our center starts from our hara. To be centered is to be fully in the body and fully in the moment. Our desires and thoughts manifest themselves in the hara, as well as sense of stillness and depth, simply being with what is. “Doing” arises from the grounded feeling of being and the emptiness of no thought. It takes training and concentration to stay present in the unfolding moment. Hara massage will help you feel more connected to your center and facilitate this ability. One of the best ways to increase awareness of this part of the body is by simply bringing attention there, since awareness is a form of energy. Your energy will follow your thoughts.

A person connected with his or her hara is balanced, tranquil, and warm-hearted.