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"I have been going to Alie for massages and body work for YEARS. Why? Because she is simply the best.

Alie balances the complex web of my body’s aches, pains, imbalances and arthritis (I’m 51). From plantar fascitis to knots in my back to a sore shoulder to an arthritic hip, Alie has helped me over the years to get back in balance, feel really good and maintain optimum function. I like to work out, play tennis and feel like I can do anything I want and she helps me achieve that.

I’ve dabbled with other massage therapists but I go back to Alie because she is so very talented and a lovely person to boot."

  • Carol V.
  • Seattle, WA


"The real purpose of bodywork is to foster more depth of feeling for one another in order to bring out the love that often lies buried beneath the pain of everyday suffering." - Robert Calvert


Healthy Well-Being



Let's change the way you feel!  At your first session you will be asked to fill out a confidential health history form. It is important to be as detailed and honest as possible. It is also important to realize that instant relief from pain or discomfort is not always possible.  When receiving therapeutic bodywork, recognize that physical conditions often have been accumulating over quite some time. Depth builds session over session, and healing takes time. The problem area will not necessarily be worked on first. Often the area with the most pain may not be the origin of the problem. The approach is in balancing the systematic functions of the entire body progressively.

Effort, patience and persistence are required to recover from injury or illness and to reposition the body into good health especially with chronic conditions. Full Body Balancing is a valuable addition to proper nutrition, exercise, healthy relationships and mindful work in achieving and maintaining balance in our lives.

Experience and Knowledge


 Alie Miller, LMP

Alie has over 18 years of experience relieving pain, improving circulation, and accelerating healing.  She has always been drawn to the healing arts, and after experiencing the profound effects of massage therapy after surgery she knew she had found her calling.  Alie is committed to creating lasting results for each client, every session is a unique experience tailored to achieve this goal.  By combining a variety of techniques she is able to bring the body back to its natural state of health and balance.  Her approach to bodywork is to share with clients knowledge of how the body works and to get them engaged in their own process of healing. 

Alie Miller is a graduate of Brian Utting School of Massage and has completed more than 1800 hours of specialized training in Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology and Massage Therapy Techniques including advanced certification in: Structural Integration, Myofascial Release, Shiatsu, Deep Muscle Therapy, Lymphatic Drainage, Post-Operative Massage, Orthopedic Massage and Chinese Cupping. She is a fully accredited Professional Health Care Provider, and is licensed by the state of Washington to provide Massage Therapy, as well as a member of the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) and the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB).

What keeps clients coming back to Alie again and again?  The quality of her work.  Alie is professional and personable, you’ll find her approach extremely helpful and her presence warm, compassionate, and inviting.  Each session she gives you her all!

What to Expect 



Be prepared for a truly unique, exceptional, and transformative  massage experience. During your session you will be asked to leave any stressful thoughts at the door.  Enter your massage with a clear mind and utilize your time on the table to generate positive and peaceful thought. It is helpful to have one simple image that you absolutely love to focus on and return to during your session, for Alie that image is a sunflower. Generating positive thought while you are on the massage table is a meditation that will allow your mind to release mental stress, and stop the production of stress chemicals that lock in muscle tension.  Clearing your mind of negativity will also flood your body with healing endorphins. 

You will be draped appropriately.  If there are certain areas you prefer left untouched such as: buttocks, inner thighs, abdomen, hair or feet, simply communicate this at any time before, or during your session. You will be encouraged to verbally communicate, to breathe and to let go.  After your session you will have private time to relax, dress and bring yourself into awareness. When you emerge you may choose to talk about the session and schedule another appointment.  

Full Body Balancing


Our goal is to help you feel better in your body.  This signature Full Body Balancing treatment massage is designed to achieve this goal using a combination of massage techniques based in the healing arts of Shiatsu, Acupressure, Structural Integration and Deep Muscle Therapy. This session is recommended to treat a wide variety of degenerative conditions, recover from illness and/or surgery.  This treatment is also an excellent choice for regular circulatory maintenance to bring you to a better state of wellness and physiological balance.  Each session is customized for your body’s unique needs.

Full Body Balancing addresses specific musculoskeletal, degenerative, and circulatory conditions. For treatment of 

chronic conditions a series of 3-5 sessions is recommended.  Choose the length of your massage treatment session, and enjoy the effects of having  your body in balance!

  • 30 min – $  75.00
  • 60 min –    115.00
  • 90 min –    155.00

Maintenance is key! 

Maintenance Packages are available to help you maintain your results.  Buy 5 get 1 FREE

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Additional Services

The Reset


Clear your mind and renew your senses with this gentle Shiatsu and long flowing gentle massage strokes designed to whisk away tension leaving you refreshed and regenerated.  Never underestimate the value of a good relaxation massage! The Reset has many therapeutic benefits including: calming the nervous system, increasing blood and lymph flow, relaxing the muscles, and reviving the senses. Choose 60 or 90 minutes of pure bliss!

This service is a great stand alone value, but you may also include up to 3 therapeutic  Massage Enhancements ($15 each) to your basic massage for an extra soothing experience. Below is a description of each enhancement.

  • 60 min - $  85.00
  • 90 min -   135.00

Post-Operative Massage (POM)


An important aspect of any surgical procedure is the post, rehabilitation recovery process.  Massage plays an important role as a supplement to standard rehabilitation instructions after surgery.  Last year alone more than 15.2 million plastic surgery procedures were performed in the United States. Liposuction, Breast revisions, En Bloc Explant, and Abdominoplasty lead the list. Patients are often so happy to go through with their procedures that they forget that it is a serious undertaking for the body.

Cosmetic or not,  Post-Operative Massage can make a major impact in your level of comfort and ability to heal following a surgical procedure.  Massage can accelerate  the healing process by reducing pain, promoting vascular repair, increasing circulation, increasing range of motion, reducing scar tissue, and soothing the nervous system - all helping the body to recover and reach optimal results.  If you are a new patient considering how to make the most of an upcoming surgical procedure, ask your physician about the many benefits of Post-Operative Massage.

  • 30 min – $  75.00
  • 60 min –    115.00
  • 90 min –    155.00

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Hara Hara


Hara simply means belly.

The abdomen is the center of our emotional well-being and the home of our organs. Unlocking belly tension and pressure build-up around the organs using Shiatsu and Visceral Manipulation promotes better organ function. This massage is a must for those seeking relief from emotional crisis, digestive issues, reproductive dysfunction, breathing difficulties, nervousness and anxiety. 

Try it you’ll love it!

  • 30min – $75.00

Massage Enhancements

Therapeutic Cupping


Cupping is an ancient form of healing in which suction (negative pressure) is created using one or more glass cups in a localized area on the skin to mobilize blood flow. The suction creates circulatory movement in areas of stagnation in order to promote healing. Cupping is very effective at releasing fascial restrictions and adhesions. The cups can be moved around the body to promote circulation and release tension. 5 minutes of cupping is said to be the equivalent of 30 minutes of deep tissue. As blood flow rises towards the surface of the skin, visible reddish circular marks are created. The marks can be light pink to deep purple depending on the level of stagnation in an area and may be visible from a few days to a few weeks.

PerfectSense® Paraffin Foot Treatment


PerfectSense® is a new standard in paraffin treatments designed to address a multitude of skin care needs. What makes this treatment outstanding is its single use, disposable system eliminating the risk of bacterial infection from unsanitary communal paraffin tubs. Individual medical grade booties containing PerfectSense® paraffin wax are heated to just the right temperature and placed on the feet. The heated wax draws circulation towards the feet, opens pores, and softens rough skin. Paraffin wax has been shown to treat conditions like arthritis and fibromyalgia among others. Before the booties are applied your feet are treated to a dry exfoliation and a generous application of Gehwol Fusskraft Blue foot cream designed for dry rough skin. Gehwol Blue contains effective ingredients that help prevent foot odor, fungal infections and itching while restoring elasticity, suppleness, and smoothness.

Deep Cleansing Back Scrub


Your back is probably the most neglected part of your body. Even with a back scrubber it can still be hard to reach and effectively clean. Give your back a deep cleansing and exfoliating treatment the same as you would care for your face. This enhancement begins with a vigorous dry brush exfoliation  followed by Muscle Soak eucalyptus, peppermint and lemongrass herbal cleansing scrub, hot towels, and finishing with a luxurious slathering of Bubalina Antioxidant Body Butter and a cool Aloe Mist! Your back will love you!

Steam Aromatherapy


Only the finest quality 100% essential oils are blended together for their aromatherapy properties, and pure steam are used to clear the sinuses and unleashes the benefits of essential oils. Choose 1 of 3 special blends and breathe in the warm steam vapors of your choice. Steam Aromatherapy also includes the caring application of hot towels scented with the oil of your choice:

Sweet Dreams: This sweet and light blend is beneficial for meditation, calming and letting the mind drift away to a dream state. Lavender, Geranium and Ylang Ylang.

Peace: A deeply grounding blend great for clearing negativity and creating a deeply relaxed, balanced state of mind. Petitgrain, Ginger, and Bergamot.

Sinus Blaster: This unique blend is designed to provide powerful relief of sinus congestion and support the immune system.  A stimulating blend of Eucalyptus, Clove, and Mint.  

Enhancements are $15 each and may be added to any 60 or 90 minute massage

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