I have been going to Alie for massages and body work for YEARS. Why? Because she is simply the best.

Alie balances the complex web of my body’s aches, pains, imbalances and arthritis (I’m 51). From plantar fascitis to knots in my back to a sore shoulder to an arthritic hip, Alie has helped me over the years to get back in balance, feel really good and maintain optimum function. I like to work out, play tennis and feel like I can do anything I want and she helps me achieve that.

I’ve dabbled with other massage therapists but I go back to Alie because she is so very talented and a lovely person to boot.

  • Carol V.
  • Seattle, WA



I had pulled a gluteus muscle and continued to reinjure it over a period of two weeks. I thought heat and rest would be enough, however, it persisted and I was in a great deal of pain when bending or sitting.
After a therapeutic massage with Alie, I was able to put on my shoes and socks without discomfort.
Now 24 hours later, I continue to improve. Thank you Alie. You have a true gift!
Marilyn C. | Kirkland, WA

I had my first massage with Alie (Brown) Miller in her new Kirkland, WA. office on Wednesday, September 10, 2014. I have been seeing Alie for over ten years. Her massages are a healing experience.  She is very professional, personal, and extremely skilled at what she does for her clients.  I have had massages for many years in different venues…on international vacations, on cruiseships, in spas, etc.  I would rate her as the best massage therapist I have encountered.  She is very knowledgable about the human body and educates her clients…she is the best and uses various modalities in her body work (shiastu, acupressure, Swedish,etc.). She determines what best techniques to use in the session based on her assessment and her clients’ information about what is happening with their body, noticed changes, etc.  She uses wonderful music and warm towels as part of her therapeutic practice.  You won’t be disappointed with your massage appointment.  I believe she contributes greatly to my body’s wellness.
Sandra K. | Seattle, WA

Alis is an extremely skilled massage practitioner. I initially saw her after a car accident and have seen her every month since for more than five years. And, now I have my husband seeing her regularly!  Alis incorporates a variety of approaches into her work.  She blends a healing intuitive touch with spa like extras and a laser like ability to release places of tension. I leave feeling relaxed and energized.  Her business name says it all – Full Body Balancing.  She’s the best!
Kimberly M. | Seattle, WA

I’ve seen Alis a few times and I highly recommend her massage/shiatsu/pressure services. Her style is so very intuitive, a really unique quality in masseuses.  She hits on points on my sore body that I didn’t even know I had.  She uses a very strong pressure to really release those knots. (If you are looking for a gentle whispy touch look elsewhere…..and why would you anyways?) I don’t know what techniques I would call her massage as it seems like it is a combination of shiatsu/sports/perhaps aryuvedic, but it does the trick.  She also provides good advice on how to alter some aspects of my diet or posture to alleviate my aches and pains.  My only wish is that I hat the time to see her more often as it is so helpful. Don’t hesitate to see Alis, she is a highly skilled practitioner and darn good.
Esther M. | Seattle, WA

Over the years, I’ve been to over a dozen massage therapists and bodyworkers in Seattle and Alis is easily one of my favorite. She has an amazing presence and healing hands that lulls your body into a complete blissful healing state. Her thoughtful knowledge of body mechanics, massage, acupressure, and Shiatsu peels away layers of stress and tight muscle that an hour is gone before I even knew it. The calming ambiance, music and hot towels always put me to sleep. She allows you to lead the conversation. This is important since sometimes I am chatty and other time just want to chill in silence. Besides being very relaxed, I see her services as an integral part of my health regimen like diet and exercise. As such, I always look forward to my monthly massage with her. Parking is free too.
Phi H. | Seattle, WA

I have known Alis for more than 20 years. She is an exceptional person and feel very blessed to have an upcoming massage appointment coming up soon.I would recomeend her to anyone!!! Thanks!
Sandi E. | Spokane, WA

Alis is a great masseuse, she is very welcoming and makes you feel very comfortable during the massage. She is very friendly and the environment is very welcoming. I’ve had many massages before and I will return to Alis again and again for my future massages. After wards I felt great! My body felt 10 years younger and sore free. She asked me if I had any troubled areas and I have been having trouble with my lower back and after the massage the pain was all gone! Thank you so much Alis!
Emnet S. | Seattle, WA

I have known Alis Brown and used her services for over 10 years…she is by far the best massage therapist i have been to, and a great person as well!…..she understands the body make up…and areas that need the most work!….and she loves her work!

Simply the best!!!
Michael R. | Seattle, WA

Over a year ago my wife and I were referred to Alis by friends when we were unsuccessfully trying to get pregnant. Alis recommended we each get 3 Shiatsu massages about a week apart to “charge up” our reproductive systems. I don’t know what she did or how it works, but during my wife’s next ovulation cycle we got pregnant and last December we welcomed our son into the world. We love Shiatsu and we LOVE Alis!
David H. | Seattle, WA

I have had the experience and benefit of eighteen years of shiatsu massage, several massages at different spas in the U.S. and internationally as well as massages on cruiseships. I have been seeing Alis for over five years and by far, she is the best in my opinion. She is professional, caring, and a gifted healer. I recommend her highly…..she is the best massage therapist I have ever experienced…see for yourself!
Sandra K. | Seattle, WA

This is massage at it’s best!!! Alis is a highly gifted massage therapist…I’ve been seeing her for many years and each visit leaves me profoundly relaxed and healed. If you’re looking for the best go see her!
Marrissa J. | Seattle, WA